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Malaysia Post Office Tracking - Pos Malaysia


Careline Phone Contact

1-300-300-300 (Domestic)
603-2727-9100 (Overseas)
603-2273-3927 (Fax)


Operating Hours:

Mon - Fri: 8.30am to 8.00pm
Saturdays: 8.30am to 5.00pm
(except the first Saturday of the month and public holidays)

Online support is available:

Mon - Fri: 8.30am to 5.30pm
(except public holidays)


Pos Malaysia Tracking Facility

Track & Trace

Online tracking for domestic and international shipment including inward EMS delivery is available on the Pos Malaysia website. Offline tracking is available by directly contacting the post office or the nearest branch of post offices and present them the tracking number for the officers to track in the post office database. Incoming international (Parcels, Mails, Consignment, Packages) can only be tracked when the items arrived in Malaysia and it's tracking info has been stored in the post office database.

In the event the item not yet arrive in Malaysia it can always be tracked from the sender's post office tracking site. Post office and courier services that is trackable in Post Particulier

1. Domestic Delivery
2. International Delivery
3. EMS (Express Mail Service)
4. USPS (United States Postal Service)
5. Royal Mail / Parcel Force
6. Canada Post
7. Hongkong Post
8. China Post

General Package/Parcel Lost Checking Procedure

This information is applicable for incoming international shipment from foreign countries into Malaysia. In the event of parcels, mails, packages, packets, not arriving in Malaysia exceeding the expected arrival time. You may proceed to do the general step below.

1. Track your parcels, packet, packages, letters, from the online tracking facility in Pos Malaysia online. If the information is not available contact the post office directly and present your tracking number for the post officer to check in their database.

2. If still not available track the status on the sender's post office website. Contact the sender's to check with their post office directly

3. If the sender's post office confirmed the parcels, mails, packages, letters is lost then request the sender to claim compensation from his/her post office.

Note: Post office policy usually does not provide full refund unless stated or insured. It depends on the Post Office policy

Malaysia Postal Codes Finder

Most of private 3rd party courier services are available in Malaysia

1. GDEX - GD Express
2. SkyNet
3. TNT
4. Fedex
5. DHL
6. City-Link
7. UPS
8. Lazarus
9. Sure-Reach


Unknown said...

Hi i bought my item from shopee online shopping my tracking number is MY181958656216H and postage number EMS ER533437115MY but there is no tracking record

Based on my Shopee shipping information, it stated that my item had been shipped and the latest update is on 27/08 "

Unknown said...

MY181958656216H is not a tracking number of courier service but its the online shopping shopee tracking code. The real courier tracking number is ER533437115MY -- but it seems this is malaysia EMS service.

Based on the tracking info there is no record -- which could mean that the seller is giving you the tracking number first before shipping the item. This could happen especially when the item is not yet available to them. So they will send the tracking but the item is not yet being shipped.

when it is shipped and the item registered at the post office tracking system the item will be available.

Another case is the seller is a scam.

But with shopee guarantee of refund you could use this to get your money back. Before you do that better contact the seller and ask what happen and why the delay

Unknown said...

Hi There,

My tracking number LZ845408919CN indicates that the delivery was being 'Unsuccessful Delivery'. So what should I do next?

Good Day!

Unknown said...

The parcel has been delivered to you

Number: LZ845408919CN
Package status: Delivered (14 Days)
Destination: Malaysia
2018-10-05 18:59 Pos Laju Bandar Dato Onn, Item delivered
2018-10-05 10:53 Pos Laju Bandar Dato Onn, Item out for delivery
2018-10-05 08:08 Pos Laju Bandar Dato Onn, Arrive at delivery facility at
2018-10-05 07:30 Pos Laju Bandar Dato Onn, Arrive at delivery facility at
2018-10-04 08:54 Pos Laju Johor Bharu, Arrive at delivery facility at
2018-10-04 08:14 Pos Laju Johor Bharu, Arrive at delivery facility at
2018-10-03 17:41 MYKULA, Item en route to
2018-10-03 09:41 MYKULA, Clearance by Postal for customs inspection (Import)
2018-10-03 09:40 MYKULA, Item arrived at
2018-09-24 20:35 CHINA, Item en route to MALAYSIA
Origin: China
2018-10-05 18:59 Duly cast, LOH
2018-10-04 10:04 Not duly cast
2018-10-03 17:41 malaysia, Customs Clearance
2018-10-03 09:40 malaysia, arrival processing center, from shanghai, China
2018-09-25 00:07 shanghai, depart from Shanghai to Kuala Lumpur International Airport (via Transfer)
2018-09-24 14:51 shanghai, arrived Shanghai Post Express Logistics Processing center (by Transfer)
2018-09-24 12:38 hangzhou, leaving the city of Hangzhou and sending it to Shanghai
2018-09-22 19:15 hangzhou, has left Hangzhou City Post Express logistics company Bingjiang District West Hing town, sent to Hangzhou processing center
2018-09-22 17:58 hangzhou, Hangzhou Postal Courier Logistics company Bingjiang District West Hing Town of the collection station has received (name: Jinfei yang, tel: 18072882983)

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