Friday, September 8, 2017

USPS leave parcels / package outside the house

USPS leaving parcels outside the house is not uncommon - because the time for re-delivery is too troublesome considering there are thousands of packages to be delivered everyday. Some USPS delivery man just leave it outside without even thinking the risk the item could get stolen by passerby or neighbors next door. It is very irresponsible yet it happens time and again every once a while. Knowing that this is not going to stop for the many years to come - the receiver should consider at least someone waiting for the parcel to arrive or leaving a note where to place it at the safest location around the house if not around. This may not be the best solution but there's nothing you can do about it and it will happen again.

These are among the many cases where the USPS delivery man leaving the parcels / mail outside the house, in front of the doors, or outside the mail box. Things that could happen to these packages are packaging damage by rain, stolen, or damaged by something coming in its way.

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