Thursday, August 17, 2017

The Truth About Parcel Shipment / Delivery You Need To Know!!

The following are the most active post offices / courier services around the globe in terms of parcels / package delivery because of the online retail shop with the like of Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Banggood, AliExpress.

PostNL - Netherlands
Royal Mail
Parcel Force
myHermes (UK)
Parcel2Go (UK)
Aramex (Middle East)
Liberty Express
LBC Express
China Post
Hong Kong Post
Japan Post
Korea Post
Pos Malaysia
Singpost (Singapore)

But almost everyday it let at least some people down, angry, frustrated, feeling annoyed, unfulfilled because the package / parcel they are expecting not arriving as expected. The following problems that has been going around for ages - ever since delivery service was introduce. And there is nothing you can do about it.

1. Delay Delivery

Some delay are reasonable and some are very long like 3 to 4 months and then arrived unexpectedly - this is not something that is worth to wait. Just move on file a complaint to the post office / courier and buy again or stop buying. Delay factor are cause by quite a number things for example public holidays, customs clearance delay, mis-sorting of item by post officers, natural disasters, unknown circumstances.

2. Delivery to the Wrong Address

Delivery to the wrong address is another common things that happens in delivery services. Mis-sorting or the sender writing wrong address or accidental delivery by the postman. All is possible - remember that the postman are handling hundreds possibly thousands of parcels, mails, packages with in every day. There must be some mistakes made in between his careers - that's price to pay to be human being.

3. Parcel Returned

Parcel returned could be due to customs held and order the item to be returned or sender have write wrong address. The Arabic countries are very prone to address or recipients' name mistakes because of their Arabic alphabet. The problem with Arabic alphabet is you can spell precisely in roman alphabet character - but as long as it sound the same then its fine. For example Al Juneid can be written like so Al Junaid, Al Jonet, Al Junaidi sound almost the same. Due to this inperfect spelling many packages sent to the Arabic country are written because they could not find the person name or the address are spelled differently. In America or the UK writing wrong address due to spelling mistakes.

4. Parcel Stolen / Missing package

Parcel stolen is another thing - sometimes the postman need to do things fast and they leave the parcel outside the house even because nobody home to pick it. Eventually it is picked by passerby or neighbors. In the third world countries especially in the African region stolen package are more common - because there is no systematic handling of the package / parcels and if it is stolen even by the authorities or the postman themselves nobody knows about it.

5. Packet Held by Customs / seized by customs

Sending item to India is very common with their customs problem - as well as sending item from China / Hongkong to Europe. The customs will inspect the item for dangerous goods or taxable items. Sometimes they imposed expensive taxes that is more than the cost of delivery that usually will let down the receiver and just let them seize it. In addition parcels identified as dangerous goods are ordered to be returned.

8. Outdated tracking

Outdated tracking or no tracking at all keeping the users in the dark - this could create some serious anxiety especially when it is very expensive. Some tracking has been in Transit for many months like 4 to 5 months and no info - this definitely will make someone very curious and want to know exactly where the parcels are. Some others have tracking never been updated for weeks.

All of the above happening everyday.

However don't be let down and for the record there is no perfect post offices / courier services that you can find out there. Even the best and most expensive paid service from FeDex or DHL could also end up stolen. But you can claim reimbursement if insurance is paid which incur another cost. The only way the problem will stop is when you stop sending or receive item via post offices / courier services.

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