Friday, August 11, 2017

Thailand post registered mail delivery time to Spain

Item was shipped / posted on the 21 June 2017 via Thailand post registered mail service and arrived / delivered in Spain on the 30th Jun 2017 which took only around 2 weeks time. Quite reasonable fast for international delivery especially item that comes from Thailand which is expected to be slower. Below is tracking information from Thailand post and when it arrives in Spain then the parcel is trackable on Correos Espana tracking page.

Thailand Post Tracking Info:

Search Result : RR164561774TH

DATETIME Scan Location Description Delivery Status
June 21, 2017
14:39:47 KATHU Accept
June 22, 2017
14:38:07 KATHU Items Into Container
June 22, 2017
14:38:13 KATHU Dispatch
June 22, 2017
15:47:57 PHUKET Container Received
June 23, 2017
12:20:54 CHUMPHON MAIL CENTER Items Into Container
June 23, 2017
12:21:12 CHUMPHON MAIL CENTER Dispatch
June 24, 2017
13:13:02 SUVARNABHUMI MAIL CENTRE Container Received
June 24, 2017
13:59:01 SUVARNABHUMI MAIL CENTRE Departure From Outward OE
June 30, 2017
16:02:00 Spain Scheduled delivery attempt due to Other
June 30, 2017
16:30-17:59 Spain Delivery Status Successful Recipient Name

Correos Espana Tracking Info:

Número de envío: RR164561774TH
Fechas Estados
21/06/2017 Admitido
24/06/2017 Salida de la Oficina Internacional de origen
30/06/2017 En proceso de entrega
30/06/2017 Entregado

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