Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Korea registered mail delivery not trackable on australia post

Korea post always provide confidence to its customer by providing very detail information about the item / package movement when it is shipped from Korea. However when it reached australia the austpost seems does not register the item into their tracking system although it is registered mail international item which it should. Having said that most people are very anxious about their item whether it has been delivered to the recipients or not and it could be more frustrating when there is no updates for so long.

Delivery Status for your EMS
Item Number
SearchMail Type: International Registered item
Date Status Post office/Airport Details
17:32 03-Jul-2017 Posting/Collection SL.SADANG 5 Posting office zip code : 07009 Transit or Destination country : AUSTRALIA
18:04 03-Jul-2017 Delivered to Transport companies SL.SADANG 5
18:30 03-Jul-2017 anyang mail center
20:53 03-Jul-2017 Delivered to Transport companies anyang mail center
14:09 05-Jul-2017 Delivered to Transport companies INCHEON Flight number : GA871
15:01 05-Jul-2017 Ready for dispatch INTERNATIONAL POST OFFICE Dispatch number : 128

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