Monday, August 21, 2017

Fedex International Priority delivery time from Hyderabad India to Auckland New Zealand

Parcels / package was shipped / posted via Fedex International Priority from Hyderabad India on the 22 May 2017 and delivered to the destination address in Auckland New Zealand on the 29 May 2017 which took about 7 days or 1 week delivery time. That's a normal delivery time by Fedex International Priority courier service. Below is tracking information from Fedex.

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Signed for by: S. SIMMI
Ship date:
Wed 5/24/2017
Actual delivery:
Mon 5/29/2017 1:20 pm
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Activity Location
5/29/2017 - Monday
1:20 pm Delivered AUCKLAND NZ

12:29 pm On FedEx vehicle for delivery AUCKLAND AIRPORT NZ
7:33 am At local FedEx facility AUCKLAND AIRPORT NZ
5/26/2017 - Friday
1:23 pm At local FedEx facility AUCKLAND AIRPORT NZ
1:05 pm At local FedEx facility AUCKLAND AIRPORT NZ
Package not due for delivery
12:45 pm International shipment release - Import AUCKLAND NZ
12:44 pm At destination sort facility AUCKLAND NZ
12:43 pm In transit AUCKLAND NZ
Package available for clearance
5/25/2017 - Thursday
5:54 pm In transit SINGAPORE SG
5:53 pm In transit SINGAPORE SG
8:41 am In transit SINGAPORE SG
3:53 am In transit GUANGZHOU CN
3:51 am Departed FedEx location GUANGZHOU CN
1:13 am Arrived at FedEx location GUANGZHOU CN
5/24/2017 - Wednesday
6:30 pm In transit NEW DELHI IN
5:39 pm In transit NEW DELHI IN
7:15 am In transit NEW DELHI IN
5/23/2017 - Tuesday
9:30 pm In transit HYDERABAD IN
9:25 pm Left FedEx origin facility HYDERABAD IN
2:52 pm Picked up HYDERABAD IN
5/22/2017 - Monday

12:57 pm Shipment information sent to FedEx
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Tracking number 711463343080
Weight 23.2 lbs / 10.52 kgs
Delivered To Residence
Total shipment weight 23.2 lbs / 10.52 kgs
Shipper reference 711463343080-S0066
Special handling section Deliver Weekday, Residential Delivery
Service FedEx International Priority
Dimensions 14x10x14 in.
Total pieces 1
Terms Shipper
Packaging Your Packaging
Standard transit 5/29/2017 by 6:00 pm

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