Sunday, May 14, 2017

How often USPS updated their tracking status - shipping from US to the UK

The USPS tracking information is not always updated regularly as you might expect although most of the time it does. For example if there is an item being shipped by the First Class International registered mail from the US to UK - even after a week you might still be seeing the same status on the USPS tracking page? Why so?

This is actually normal - just like an EMS shipping item from China. You will see the tracking info over one or two weeks until the intended recipients started to get worried. However after sometimes then the package suddenly arrived then the tracking info just updated as "Delivered". However they USPS does update the information occasionally if the package arrived in new destination where it is registered in the logistic database.

If you encounter such situation - it actually happens many times and postal services including EMS (Express Mail Service) does that. Except private courier with the like of UPS, DHL, or Fedex.

Note: The item sent by USPS to the UK are usually trackable on Parcel Force or sometimes on Royal Mail tracking. Just insert the USPS tracking code into the Parcel Force or Royal Mail tracking search box and it will display if the item has arrived in the UK. But please be aware that the tracking information only available once the package passed the customs clearance and the item has been registered in the UK post office.

Once the tracking info is available in the UK (i.e. Parcel Force) then the movement status of the item locally instead of using the USPS track & confirm tracking facility again. The item is will be delivered to recipient address by the nearest local post office in your area in the UK (Usually Parcel Force or Maybe Royal Mail).

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