Friday, May 12, 2017 UK - seller provide tracking number but no website given to track the item from China

Some people experiencing buying from and the seller provide them the tracking number but there is no link or website to track the item? Why? This is because most likely the item is free shipping using untracked / unregistered small packet air mail service. Item from China with the tag free shipping although they have provided the tracking number you won't be able to track it.

In most cases the item will arrived within 1 or 2 month just like that. I have a lot of item purchased from China using free shipping and it has arrived some less than one month some others 2 months. Those which are not arriving - I've requested for refund and usually i will get the money back so far. Probably because the item i purchased were very cheap less than $5 USD.

One more thing when buying from eBay always look for the seller ratings at least 99% or more than that - the reputation hold the true honesty of the sellers. Most power seller are having this record and they don't like their rating to be tarnished by a small item because they need to keep the business for many years to come. So they are afraid of getting negative feedback because anything less then 80% would be absolutely can no longer be trusted anymore.

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