Friday, May 12, 2017

eBay UK - item from China to EU extra charges by DHL

If you are from the EU and purchasing the item from eBay UK but the item location is outside the EU (for example from China). You will be surprise there is extra charges incur by DHL. An example is as below.

The cost of item was £100 then the DHL courier demanded an extra €31
The added cost comprised

VAT - €19 (approx 18%)
Payment Deferment Fee - €10.17 - a DHL addon cost because VAT collected by DHL
VAT on Payment Deferment Fee - €1.87

Total - €31.00

* Note: This is normal practice when buying item over £15 from outside the EU (China) on eBay UK. The carrier shipping company (DHL) collects customs duty on behalf of HMRC (Her Majesty Revenue and Customs) and also charged admin fees for doing it. It is not an extra shipping charges.This is not specific to ordering from China or when using DHL but all to all item that is purchased outside the EU.

eBay UK extra charges DHL / Fedex / TNT / UPS item from China

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