Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Hectic life working in the mail processing center logistic warehouse

As a normal person who never work or seen the mail processing center we have no idea what is it feel like being there. And most often as their customers we usually put the blame on them when things are not as expected for example late delivery, wrong item, lost packages, wrong address, returned back to sender, etc.

Hopefully this blog will open our eyes why things are happening the way it is. Remember that all those bad experience that we are going through are not only affecting us but million of people everyday and this is an inevitable. It's a fact that we have to accept for as long as we are using their services. No courier companies can delivery 100% guarantee that it will arrived even the most expensive with the like of Fedex, DHL, UPS, TNT, etc because it is affected by external and internal factors within the industry. And that's why it offers insurance for protection in case the package never arrive.

So here is my own personal story - as the PosLaju is the nearest to my home usually i will picked up the item from their distribution center. After looking at thousands of item every morning - I've come to realize no wonder they don't want to pick up the phone or sometime the item are delivered late. They simply no time to answer one particular package when there are thousands to search for which is not worth the effort and time. Some people may argue why not employ someone to specifically pick up the phone and search for the item - this is also not efficient enough. -- because it will take hours to search for one particular items.

Although i am not entirely sure how the work but i can see the distribution officer will gather the item for their area they are going to send. Once all are in place and then they will send it out house to house - imagine one van sometime few hundreds of packages and they to do this day in day out. There must be a mistakes somewhere/someday that is what it is being human - it is simply inevitable.

To manage a good logistic hub it requires a lot of money not only to build, organize, and manage the system but also it requires time to be good at it and most importantly maintain the system for as long as they provide the service. And our system in Malaysia is not as advance as those in country like the USA, UK, Canada, China etc where they use robot and computers to manage the distribution.

Sometimes i do complain but as i becoming experienced - usually i will purchase item which are cheap which i don't mind to lose if anything happen. If the item are expensive that look for guarantee that we will get money back that will ensure safety and eliminate our worries if the item never arrived.

Here are some pictures from logistic hub for different courier and postal service from major countries like China, UK, and USA. It's an eye opening pictures to see how it looks inside there with hundred of thousands or perhaps million of item. And for those courier or postal service that still purely using human labor -- it is surely very very tough.

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