Tuesday, March 28, 2017

China post airmail delivery time (Aliexpress) to Kuching Sarawak Malaysia

The convenient of having buyer protection - means being at peace because there is money back guarantee from Aliexpress if the item is not arrived. However the delivery time experience for all item purchased from Aliexpress so far is slower than those from ebay since before. I've purchased a couple of things before and currently arrived one item and they were not arrived as fast as those from ebay.com.my. Not sure for whatever the reasons maybe perhaps there are too many item to handle. But anyway the item was paid on the 08 February 2017 and shipped on the 16 February 2017 from Foshan East Road No.28, 528000. Then today it's arrived on the 28 March 2017 that is approximately 1 month 12 days since the delivery. So there is a big gap of leads time from the day it was paid 08 February 2017 that is 8 days then it was shipped on the 16 February 2017. Very late compare to eBay item.

Anyway the movement of the package is trackable on Aliexpress site when it is still around China. Once it is shipped out to the destination country the tracking is no longer available. The bright side is Aliexpress offer buyer protection which you are illegible for full refund if the item is not arrived at all. Thanks goodness.

2017.02.21 16:09 (GMT-7): 【广州】arrive export exchange
2017.02.21 00:09 (GMT-7): arrive export exchange
2017.02.19 16:24 (GMT-7): Received by line-haul
2017.02.19 16:23 (GMT-7): Outbound in sorting center
2017.02.19 16:15 (GMT-7): Inbound in sorting center
2017.02.19 15:02 (GMT-7): Accepted by carrier
2017.02.16 14:55 (GMT-7): Shipment confirmation

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