Thursday, February 2, 2017

Air mail free shipping delivery time from China via Singapore Changi Airfreight to Kuching Sarawak Malaysia

China air mail non-trackable free shipping delivery time via Singapore Changi airfreight service to Kuching Sarawak takes around 19 days. The item was shipped on the 12 January 2017 and arrived to Kuching on the 31 January 2017 that is approximately 3 weeks delivery time. This is very good service and within the expected delivery time as stated by the seller.


Mahmod said...

This is stupid malaysian government cabotage policy imposed on shipping to sabah sarawak, my parcel travel all the way to klang by sea and then come back around to kota kinabalu takes 4 weeks to arrive, the logistic company charge more to deliver my parcel which nearer to china compared to parcel delivery to any place in peninsular malaysia, because of this policy malaysian government manage to help shipping industry and totally crippled sabah and sarawak economy

Time Keeper said...

You are right and that's why our sarawakian government should take back all what is right so that things from china can come directly without delays and less cost

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