Friday, October 28, 2016

Unregistered Hong Kong Air Mail delivery time to Kuching Sarawak Malaysia

Another very consistent Hong Kong Post unregistered air mail delivery time to Kuching Sarawak Malaysia. The item purchased and shipped on the 16 October 2016 and arrived to Kuching Sarawak Malaysia on the 29 October 2016 which is approximately 2 weeks including non-working business days count. The unfortunate thing is only the item is fake despite it is so cheap. The first time i get a fake item from eBay and now i am weary to buy very expensive thing especially those from China or Hong Kong. The car ionizer when it first arrived and get it opened - the ionizer circuit is only a small transistor and LED inside which means is only a light. Nothing more. The real ionizer usually consist of transformer and high voltage multiplier circuit.

This seller sold fake stuff to make a bad rating for himself in eBay and kill his own business just for a price of USD 0.99. It's epic.!! Wasting his time selling fake stuff on eBay

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