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Lithuania Post Office Tracking - Lietuvos Pastas

Post Office General Information:

Call Centre: +370 700 55400
Calling Time: Please call on working days Monday to Friday 8:00 Hrs to 18:00 Hrs
Fax: +370 5 216 3204

Lithuania Post Office Tracking Facility:

Online tracking for domestic and international shipment including EMS is available on the Lietuvos Pastas website. Offline tracking is available by directly contacting the central post office or the nearest branch of post offices and present them the tracking number for the officers to track in the post office database. Incoming international (Parcels, Mails, Consignment, Packages) can only be tracked when the items arrived in Lithuania and it's tracking info has been stored in the post office database.

In the event the item not yet arrive in Lithuania it can always be tracked from the sender's post office tracking site. Post office and courier services that is trackable in Lietuvos Pastas

1. Domestic Delivery
2. International Delivery
3. EMS (Express Mail Service)
4. USPS (United States Postal Service)
5. Royal Mail / Parcel Force
6. Canada Post
7. Hongkong Post
8. China Post

Online Tracking Page:

Lietuvos Pastas Delivery Time

Postmen deliver postal items 6 days per week usually from 8:00 until 16:00.

Delivery time from Lithuania using LP Express 24 service via the terminals to 22 European countries capital cities takes at least 2 to 4 working days while other cities may takes at least 3 to 6 working days.

General Package/Parcel Lost Checking Procedure

This information is applicable for incoming international shipment from foreign countries into Lithuania. In the event of parcels, mails, packages, packets, not arriving in Lithuania exceeding the expected arrival time. You may proceed to do the general step below.

1. Track your parcels, packet, packages, letters, from the online tracking facility in Lithuania post online. If the information is not available contact the post office directly and present your tracking number for the post officer to check in their database.

2. If still not available track the status on the sender's post office website. Contact the sender's to check with their post office directly

3. If the sender's post office confirmed the parcels, mails, packages, letters is lost then request the sender to claim compensation from his/her post office.

Note: Post office policy usually does not provide full refund unless stated or insured. It depends on the post office policy and sometimes there is no refund at all.

Postal Address Format

Address with the locality being the capital of a municipality:

Gerb p. Jonui Jonaičiui = addressee
Laisvės pr. 40–12 = street + premises - door
LT–04340 VILNIUS = country code - postcode + locality
LITHUANIA = country

Address with the locality not being the capital of a municipality:

Gerb p. Jonui Jonaičiui = addressee
Plento g. 17 = street + premises
Ariogala = locality
LT–60249 RASEINIU R. SAV. = country code - postcode + region
LITHUANIA = country

Rural address with no street:

Vardeniui Pavardeniui = addressee
Galinių k. = locality
Dubingių pšt. = post office
LT–33264 MOLĖTŲ R. SAV. = country code - postcode + region
LITHUANIA = country

PO Box address:

Gerb p. Jonui Jonaičiui = addressee
P. d. 1200 = PO Box
23-iasis pšt. = Post office name
LT–52002 KAUNAS = country code - postcode + locality
LITHUANIA = country

Poste Restante:

Vardeniui Pavardeniui = addressee
Iki pareikalavimo = poste restante
Alantos pšt. = post office
LT–33037 MOLĖTŲ R. SAV. = country code - postcode + region
LITHUANIA = country

Post Code Finder

Lithuania post code finder can be found in its online Lietuvos Pastas Postal codes database

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