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Track Package Jordan Post Office - Jordan Post Company

Name of Jordan Post Office Jordan Post Company
Website Jordan Post Online
Tracking Information Availability Online & Offline 
Which Courier or Post Office you can track on Hong Kong Post
Japan Post
Domestic Mail
International Mail
Post Delivery Time Registered Mail:
Domestic: 5-7 working days
International: 7 - 14 days (or more)

Air Mail:
Western Europe: 3-5 working days
Package/Parcel Lost Checking Procedure Confirm with sender on tracking number and date of delivery. Then track online at website. If not available, call post office at Jordan to confirm the parcel/document sent as they don't do house to house delivery in Jordan. Everything will be sent to designated P.O Boxes. 
Post Contact Information Jordan Post Company
Phone No: 4293000
Fax: 4206348

Post office locations in Amman, Jordan

Jabal Amman
Postal Code: 11181
Tel: (962-6)461 6386
Business hours: 8am-4pm

Jabal Al Weibdeh
Postal Code: 11191
Tel: (962-6)463 8487

Jabal Al Hussein
Postal Code: 11121
Tel: (962-6)464 4156

Intercontinental Branch
Postal Code: 11180
Tel: (962-6)464 4513

Sports City
Postal Code: 11196
Tel: (962-6) 516 4551

Postal Code: 11822
Tel:(962-6) 541 2402

Postal Code: 11885
Tel: (962-6) 582 5324

Postal Code: 11194
Tel: (962-6)568 8982

Housing Bank Complex
Postal code: 11942
Tel: (962-6) 534 4488

Postal Code: 11821
Tel: (962-6) 556 1018

Al Bayader
Postal Code: 11814
Tel: (962-6) 581 9313

Marj Al Hamam
Postal Code: 11732
Tel: (962-6) 571 1010

Medical City
Postal Code: 11855
Tel: (962-6) 534 6196

Abu Nsair
Postal Code: 11937
Tel: (962-6) 523 0173

Al Jubaiha
Postal Code: 11941
Tel: (962-6) 534 3014

Tla'al Ali
Postal Code: 11953
Tel: (962-6) 552 3711
Post Office Operating Hours Summer
Saturday to Thursday: 7am - 7pm
Friday: 7am - 1pm

Saturday to Thursday: 7am - 5pm
Friday: 7am -1pm
Post Code Finder There are 5 digits code for Jordan. E.g. 11190 
Postal Address Format E.g.
TAG-Org Building
No. 26, Prince Shaker bin Zaid Street,
Shmeisani, Amman
P.O Box: 921100
Amman 11192, [Area Postal/Zip Code]
Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan [Country]
EMS Service EMS service is available here:
Mail post offices of the governorates
Amman city center post office
Jordan hotel post office
Al Wihdat post office
Marka Al Shamaliah post office
Al Bayader post office
Sahab post office
Sahab Industrial City post office
Al Abdali post office
Jordan university post office
Applied science university post office
Science & Technology post office
Al Albait university post office
Mu'ta University post office
Amman Al Ahliah University post office
Al Yarmouk University post office
Al Hashemiah University post office

EMS Department
Phone No: 4202415/
Free Call: 080022801
Other Courier Service China Postal

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