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Track Package China Post Office - EMS China Post

Name of China Post Office China Post
Website China Post
Tracking Information Availability
Which Courier or Post Office you can
track on China Post
  • EMS
  • USPS
  • Royal Mail
  • International Post Office
  • Hong Kong Post
China Post Delivery Time
  • Local/Domestic Delivery: 3-4 Days Time
  • International: 14 - 30 Days
  • More than 3 months consider lost
Package/Parcel Lost Checking Procedure
  • Contact nearest China post office for more
    information before file complaints. If no information then
  • Contact sender and request him/her to make inquiry to
    their post office regarding the package/parcels
  • If the package confirm lost by send post office then
    request the send to file compensation claim from their own post office
  • Usually post office will issue compensation but less
    than the value of the item because their terms and condition and
  • After compensation: Sender and Receiver negotiate
    with one another how to settle the issue
Note: Compensation are not always successful - it depends on the post
office Policy or Terms and Conditions.
China Post Contact Information Address: No.3 Financial Street, Xicheng
District, Beijing
Zip Code: 100808
Email: feedback@chinapost.com.cn

China Courier Service Corporation
Add: Bldg. 17, Zhu Shi Kou East Street, Chongwen District, Beijing
Customer Service Hotline: 11185

China Postal Express & Logistics Co., Ltd.
Address: No. 14, TaipinghuDongli,
Xuanwumen West Street No. 127,
Xicheng District, Beijing
Customer Service Hotline: 11183

China Post Office Operating Hours Monday - Sunday: 8:00 - 18:00
Post Office in remote area maybe closed during weekend
China Post Code Finder China Post Code Finder
China Postal Code Finder
Postal Address Format in China Example 1:

LI [honorific + name of person]
SHI [number + street name, city]
266033 SHANDONG [postcode + province]
CHINA [country]

Example 2: from the Universal Postal Union, with edits/updates:

Beijing Friendship Hospital
95 Yong An Road
100050 BEIJING


Directorate General of Posts
13 West Chang An Street
100804 BEIJING
China EMS Service China Post Office is actually using EMS
Courier Service In China DHL China: DHL
Fedex China: Fedex
TNT China: TNT
UPS China: UPS

Popular Courier Service in China is mainly dominated by UPS and EMS because of its affordable service fees.


tanned teapot said...

Hi could someone please assist me .I sent 3 boxes from Guangzhou to South Africa on the 1st of August but when i track it the status is still from only the 2nd of August. Is something wrong? My tracking numbers are CP225498975CN, CP225498984CN and CP225496921CN.

Please could someone help me with knowing its whereabouts or refer me to someone that speaks english to help me.

Thanks so much

How to Blog said...

Hi Tanned teapot sometimes the EMS delay shipment due to some unforeseen circumstances and sometimes the EMS from China is tracking information is always not updated. I have work with the Chinese company before sending stuff worldwide their EMS most of the time not updated.

The possibility of your package location

1. Delay in customs clearance
2. Delay due to shipment / transport delivery
3. Lost is another possibility

What you can do:

1. Contact South Africa post office by phone and provide them your tracking number. They will trace it for you if your package has arrived in South Africa post office

2. Contact the sender of the item and ask them to check with their post office EMS service as well.

NaNa YaW said...

Where do i receive my items in ghana via chinapost

How to Blog said...

Hi NaNa Yaw,

If your item is sent via ChinaPost then you will receive it from Ghana post office.

Check with your nearest post office when the expected arrival time (ETA) is due. You can also contact your post office directly to inquire about the package status inform the post officer your tracking number

If your choose trackable postal service you can track your item status at Ghanapost online at this link http://www.ghanapostgh.com/pages/

NaNa YaW said...


How to Blog said...

Base on EMS tracking your item has already reach GHANA on the 07 Nov 2011. with the following status

RR984326131CN 2011 departure from outward office of exchange GHANA 2011-11-07

You can track it from this link.

Now you can call Ghana post office and tell them your tracking number they should be able to tell what is the status movement of your item from their database.

lesleystudent said...

I really need some answers because I am extremely worried at this point. I had a custom made bag being sent to me here in the U.S from China since 11/7/2011, EMS hasn’t updated any tracking information for this package (package number EE663337232CN) since 11/8/2011. It has now almost been a month, and still I have no package, no recent tracking information, and the sender has stopped responding to my emails. I am now out $137.63. I have even tried contacting EMS through this number [+86] 21-11185. When I dial that number there is an intro in Chinese, and I then hit ‘9’ for English where I am then told that “English Service isn’t available”. At this point, I’m not even sure if I have been a victim of a scam, if this package is lost somewhere in China, or if I should just wait another month to see if it magically appears. My frustration level is through the roof because at the very least the sender seems like she simply refuses to be bothered by this matter. What else should I do here? Should I file a police report claiming to have been scammed?

Alexandre Rook said...

Hi lesleystudent,

Your package tracking number seems to be invalid. There is something fishy going on with your package. Your only options is to call the seller and if there is no response just stop worrying because there is nothing you can do about it. This is the risk of buying something outside country especially china.

Zeus said...

Hi I cannot understand what's going on with my order my tracking number is RA435947745CN all its says is posting this is the first time this has come up as I couldn't get it to work before it was shipped from warehouse on 13march an the delivery date was supposed to be 3rd april2012 don't know where my item is please help

Alexandre Rook said...

Hi based on the tracking record your item status is = Acceptance
Destination Country = Britain / England
Date 12 April 2012.

There is very minimal tracking information about your package RA435947745CN. I would like to believe your package is just about to send out because the status is "Acceptance" which means it is just accepted by the sender post office. In this case you've better call up the sender and ask about everything you need to know.

Zeus said...

Hi thanks for your help I've been able to trace my order RA435947745CN status says : total export package straight seal sealing : What does this mean?Its been like this now since the 15th April tried contacting supplier but haven't had a response from them or China post

Alexandre Rook said...

The current location of your package is in Shanghai International Airport. Just about to fly send out to its destination. And the destination is Britain.

I am not sure about whatever this means "total export package straight seal sealing" but i think the sender post office can explain about it.

But anyway if the item is already arrive in Britain. I think you can track it from the Royal Mail or Parcel Force tracking when these post office already receiving your item and key in the data in their database.

EMS sometimes may takes around 3 weeks or more due to unforseen delays

USBuyer said...

Please help me track China EMS #:


Thank you so very much.

Alexandre Rook said...

Based the tracking information your package is just released from the US customs on the 8 Nov 2012. It should be going to your home in 1 day or 2.

2012-11-08 13:26:00 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ISC CHICAGO IL Released from Customs

You can track it here


Jorge Pegoraro said...

Hello, i need to know if this tracking number exists or not.
RA678337327CN. I bought it the 13 september, from china to argentina. Can it took so long?. Thanks

Alexandre Rook said...

Hi Jorge,

Yes sometimes shipment can take up to 3 months but that is under abnormal circumstances such as going to the wrong destination or something unexpected happens along the way.

But based on the tracking record the tracking code you provided seems to be invalid. Which means this is most likely you have lost the item or it never been sent in the first place.

A.J.T said...

Hello,please could someone check this china post tracking number to see if it is indeed real..when i try to track on various sites i get nothing.
many thanks
chinapost tracking number:RA695436611CN

Alexandre Rook said...

Hi AJT This is the status of your item tracking as of now.

Item no = RA695436611CN
Year = 2013
Status = Departure from outward office of exchange
Location = 51003100
Destination country = GB
Date = 20130130 1534

This shows that the item is heading towards your country. It may take sometimes, that is normal for china EMS

tajuana said...

Hi I need help tracking my package from chinapost RR929185005CN where is my package how long does it take to get to america .....

Alexandre Rook said...


Your tracking information as of 26
Feb 2013 as below

Item no = RR929185005CN
Year = 2013
Status = Collection
Location = 20023712
Destination = US
Date = 20130226 1621

It means that the item is in transit.

Based on USPS post office tracking as below:

*Your Label Number = RR929185005CN
*Status of your item = Origin Post is Preparing Shipment
Registered Mail™
* Date & Time = February 26, 2013, 4:21 pm
Features = Registered Mail™

Please be patience. Once the item reach the US you can use the USPS tracking https://tools.usps.com/go/TrackConfirmAction!input.action to check it out.

Angela Crawford said...

My wedding is in 3 days and I placed this order a month ago! Can you track Ee718556521CN and tell me what's going on?

Alexandre Rook said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Alexandre Rook said...

Hi Angela,
Your item is preparing for shipment from the sender's country post office. Below is the details of your package as of 16 March 2013

EMS Tracking:

Date/Time: 2013-03-16 00:37:59
Status: Despatch from Sorting Center

The package should be on the way to your country now. This is the tracking information from USPS as of 16 March 2013:

Your Label Number: EE718556521CN
Service: Express Mail International®
Status of Your item: Origin Post is Preparing Shipment. Processed Through Sort Facility. Acceptance
Date/Time: March 16, 2013, 12:37 am

You can track it on USPS post: https://tools.usps.com/go/TrackConfirmAction!input.action

Marian Akinde said...

Hi pls can you help me track this 2 items...RR512111824CN and RB443351328CN.

Ayatollah Rock said...

Hi Cynthia,

This is your tracking info:


Status = Departure from outward office of exchange

Destination Country = GB (Great Britain)

Date = 24 Apr 2013

Status = Departure from outward office of exchange

Date = 24 Apr 2013
Meaning that your item is accepted at the courier facility and ready to fly to the destination country Great Britain. Once it arrived in your country and accepted by your post office you can actually track it at the royal mail http://www.royalmail.com/track-trace

Ria said...

If the status of the item is NULL, what does it mean? The parcel is already in the Philippines but still NULL.. :(

Ayatollah Rock said...

Hi Ria - call the Philippines post office and tell them your tracking number. It could be that the item is still in transportation.

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