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Track Package Burkina Faso Post Office

Name of Burkina Faso  Post Office SonaPost or Societe Nationale des Postes of Burkina Faso
Website SonaPost
Burkina Faso Post Office Tracking Burkina Faso SonaPost offer ChronoPost service which provide tracking for EMS
  • ChronoPost Track & Track
  • Offline Tracking: Contact SonaPost Post Office for information Phone:  50 30 64 20 / 23 or Email:
Tracking Information Availability
  • Tracking information only available on the post office tracking page when the package has arrived to its destination. Check the expected arrival time
  • Non-traceable service cannot be tracked. Therefore choose carefully the service whether it is traceable or non-traceable before posting.
Which courier or post office can your trace on Burkina Faso Post Office
  • USPS
  • Hong Kong Airmail
  • Domestic Post Office Delivery
  • International Post Office Delivery
  • EMS Speedpost
Burkina Faso Post Office Delivery Time
  • Domestic delivery: No domestic / local delivery and all parcels, packages, mail must be address to a Box number
  • International delivery: 17 days up to 25 days
  • Abnormal delivery time (International) : Up to 3 months
  • Beyond 3 months (International): Consider package lost
Contact: Request information by contacting Burkina Faso post office for specific information
    Package Lost Checking Procedure
    • Contact local post office for more information before complaining. If no information then
    • Contact sender and request him to make inquiry to his/her post office regarding the package.
    • If the package confirm lost by sender post office request the sender make compensation claim from his/her post office
    • Usually post office will provide compensation but less than the value of the item because they have rules/regulation to limit compensation payment
    • After compensation: Sender and Receiver negotiate with each other how to settle the problem.
    Note: Compensation are not necessarily provided depending on Post office policy and terms and conditions. 
    Burkina Faso Post Office Contact Information
    • Contact Phone: 50 30 64 20 / 23
    • Email:
    • Contact Form: Contact Form
    Burkina Faso Post Office Operating Hours Monday - Friday: 07.30 AM -12.30 PM and 3.00 PM -5.30 PM
    Burkina Faso Post Office Location Finder / Locator
    • Burkina Faso Post Office: Location
    • Contact the post office to request for specific location nearest to your area in Burkina Faso
    Burkina Faso Postal Codes/Zip Codes Finder
    • Burkina Faso Postal Codes: No postal codes available
    • Example of Address Format: M.Issa Sanou
      BP 784
    Burkina Faso Postal Rates
    • Contact the Burkina Faso post office for more information
    • Postage Rates
    How to track USPS, Royal Mail, Hong Kong Post in Burkina Faso
    • Key in USPS tracking number Track & Trace Chronopost.
    • Tracking information will be available when the package has arrived in Burkina Faso.
    Note: Non-trackable service cannot be trace
    International Courier Service in Burkina Faso
    • DHL Burkina Faso: Contact Us
    • Fedex Burkina Faso: Phone 226 30 85 15 / 30 65 33
    • UPS Burkina Faso Representative: Silson Global Business Burkina
      Authorised Service Contractor for UPS
      1274, Av. De l'aeroport,Villa no 4
      10 BP 700
      Burkina Faso
      Tel.: +226-50-30-24-72
      Tel.: +226-50-30-50-47
      Fax: +226-50-30-24-73

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