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Track Package Brazil Post Office - Correios

Name of Brazil  Post Office Correios
Website Correios
Brazil Post Office Tracking
  • Online Tracking: Track & Trace
  • Offline Tracking: Contact Correios Brazil office and present tracking number for them to check if the package / parcels already arrived.
Tracking Information Availability
  • Tracking information only available on the post office tracking page when the package has arrived to its destination. Check the expected arrival time
  • Non-traceable service cannot be tracked. Therefore choose carefully the service whether it is traceable or non-traceable before posting.

Which courier or post office can your trace on Brazil Post Office
  • USPS
  • Hong Kong Airmail
  • Domestic Post Office Delivery
  • International Post Office Delivery
  • EMS
Brazil Post Office Delivery Time
  • Domestic delivery: 5 days
  • International delivery: 17 days up to 25 days
  • Abnormal delivery time (International) : Up to 3 months
  • Beyond 3 months (International): Consider package lost
Contact: The post office for recheck if the delivery time is beyond 1 month period.
    Package Lost Checking Procedure
    • Contact local post office for more information before complaining. If no information then
    • Contact sender and request him to make inquiry to his/her post office regarding the package.
    • If the package confirm lost by sender post office request the sender make compensation claim from his/her post office
    • Usually post office will provide compensation but less than the value of the item because they have rules/regulation to limit compensation payment
    • After compensation: Sender and Receiver negotiate with each other how to settle the problem.
    Note: Compensation are not necessarily provided depending on Post office policy and terms and conditions. 
    Correios Contact Information
    • Contact Phone: 0800 725 0100 OR 3003-0100 (Capital, Cities, Metropolitan areas)
    • Contact Phone: 0800 -725 7282 (Areas that have no technology access by 3003
    Brazil Post Office Operating Hours Monday - Friday: 8.00 AM - 10.00 PM
    Brazil Post Office Location Finder / Locator Brazil Post Office: Finder
    Brazil Postal Codes/Zip Codes Finder Brazil Postal Codes: Finder
    Brazil Postal Rates
    • Contact the Brazil post office for more information

    How to track USPS, Royal Mail, Hong Kong Post in Brazil
    • Key in the tracking number in Correios tracking site.
    • Tracking information will be available when the package has arrived in Brazil.
    Note: Non-trackable service cannot be trace
    International Courier Service in Brazil
    • DHL Brazil
    • Fedex Brazil
    • UPS Brazil
    • TNT Brazil


    marta.hoffmann said...

    The Brasilian Post Office is not serious. An insured priority package with 5 business days delivery left US on 2 September - arrive Brasil 3 Sept - It cleared Customs 5 Sept 2011 in Rio de Janeiro disappeared.

    This is not the first time - other packages have vanished !!

    I hope everything fits. I am holding my tongue.

    A pissed off Gaucha now in the USA.

    How to Blog said...

    Hi Martha,

    Nothing is guaranteed and anything can happen when it comes to shipping. Even the expensive FEDEX, DHL, UPS service can also sometimes making your parcels disappear. That is not to say they are not honest company but its because of the people who handle the stuff. How items can get lost

    1. Customs officer confiscate the parcels
    2. Dishonest custom officer take parcels
    3. Dishonest post officer
    4. Sending item to the wrong place and lost

    There are many circumstances that we all have to bear with it. I have work with shipping companies before and i know everyday people are losing their package for all sort of reasons.

    HowTo DIY homeMade Electronica said...

    There has been no update since September 12. Did the package return to the seller?

    HowTo DIY homeMade Electronica said...

    The tracking has been updated on the 08 october and already received by the brazil post once it is registered in brazil post system you can track the parcel from there.

    Number: RX861184755CN
    Package status: In transit
    Destination: Brazil
    2018-10-08 08:20 CURITIBA / PR, Received by the Brazil Post
    2018-09-11 17:15 CHINA / CN, Forwarded, de País em CHINA / CN para Unidade em BRASIL / BR
    2018-09-11 10:13 CHINA / CN, Posted
    Origin: China
    2018-10-08 08:20 Arrived in the land of delivery
    2018-09-12 18:21 Delivered to airlines
    2018-09-12 18:12 Guangzhou Processing Center, arrival
    2018-09-12 08:30 Delivered to airlines
    2018-09-11 17:13 Dongguan Interchange Bureau Processing Center, has been exported straight seal
    2018-09-11 10:42 China Post Group Dongguan International Mail Interchange Bureau and Exchange station, has been exported to open and dismantle
    2018-09-11 10:25 Guangdong Dongguan Receiving Center, has left, the next station processing center
    2018-09-11 10:15 Guangdong Dongguan Receiving and mailing center, has been sealed hair
    2018-09-11 10:13 Guangdong Dongguan Receiving and mailing center has been received
    2018-09-05 14:59 Logistics order has been created

    HowTo DIY homeMade Electronica said...

    There is no shipping information EA260336064CN
    When search is done ..... reply no shipping record.
    Please, where is my package ?

    HowTo DIY homeMade Electronica said...

    When did you purchase the item ? If it is just days it could be that the seller gave you the tracking number but the parcel is yet to be scan by the post office. Once it is scanned then the tracking information start to appear. However if you have purchase the item more than one week or so than please dispute with the seller and request refund because he simply scam your money

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