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Track Package Bhutan Post Office - Bhutan Post

Name of Bhutan Post Office Bhutan Post or Bhutan Postal Corporation LTD
Website Bhutan Post
Bhutan Post Office Tracking
  • Domestic Tracking
  • International Tracking
  • Example of Tracking Number: EE239384123BT for EMS and CP123456789BT for parcels
  • Offline Tracking: Contact Bhutan Post Office directly upon the expected arrival time of your package. Phone: +975 2 334444
Tracking Information Availability
  • Tracking information only available on the post office tracking page when the package has arrived to its destination. Check the expected arrival time
  • Non-traceable service cannot be tracked. Therefore choose carefully the service whether it is traceable or non-traceable before posting.

Bhutan Post Office Delivery Time
  • Domestic: 2-8 days depending on destination from one place to another. Download the standard delivery time details PDF.
  • International EMS: 2 weeks up to 1 month.
  • Abnormal delivery time: Up to 3 months
  • Beyond 3 months: Consider package lost
Package Lost Checking Procedure
  • Contact local post office for more information before complaining. If no information then
  • Contact sender and request him to make inquiry to his/her post office regarding the package.
  • If the package confirm lost by sender post office request the sender make compensation claim from his/her post office
  • Usually post office will provide compensation but less than the value of the item because they have rules/regulation to limit compensation payment
  • After compensation: Sender and Receiver negotiate with each other how to settle the problem.
Bhutan Post Contact Information Address: BhutanPost HQ, Thimphu, Bhutan
Telephone: +975-2-327791
Fax: +975-2-323108
Message Center: Contact US
Bhutan Post Office Operating Hours Monday - Friday: 9.00 AM - 5.00 PM
Saturday: 9.00 AM - 12.00 PM
Bhutan Post Office Location Finder No online information available contact the general post office by phone to request the nearest post office information closes to your place.
Bhutan Postal Codes/Zip Codes Finder Postal Code Look Up
Bhutan Postal Rates

International Courier Service in Bhutan
  • DHL Bhutan: DHL
  • Fedex Bhutan: Bhutan Post is collaborating with Fedex to provide faster international delivery service. Therefore you can contact Bhutan Post about Fedex Express service by phone +975 2 334444
  • UPS Bhutan: Contact Information
  • TNT Bhutan: TNT Express

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