Saturday, May 8, 2010

Track Package Benin Post Office - La Poste Du Benin

Name of Benin Post Office La Poste Du Benin
Benin Post Office Website La Poste Du Benin
Benin Post Office Tracking Benin Post Office does not provide the link for online parcels/packages/mail tracking. However EMS is part of Benin post office International delivery service
  • EMS Tracking
  • Offline post office tracking by phone contact: General Post Office in Tel (+229) 312045 or Fax (+229) 314843

Which courier or post office can be tracked on Benin Post Office
  • EMS/SpeedPost
  • USPS
  • Hong Kong Post
  • Foreign Post Office Delivery
Only Track-able service can be track. If the delivery is non-traceable it will not appear in tracking information database
Tracking Information Availability Incoming tracking information to Benin will only appear or can be traced when the package/parcels have reached Benin post office and all the necessary data have been key into the tracking database.
Delivery Time
  • Local Delivery: 3-5 days 
  • International Delivery: 14 days to 1 month
  • Abnormal delivery: Up to 3 months (for international)
  • Lost Package Confirmation: After 3 months no tracking available the package will be considered lost.
Benin Post Office Operating hours Monday to Saturday: 0800 to 1400
Benin Post Office Branches Finder
  • Online information unavailable due to scarce information from government of Benin
  • Contact Benin Post Office to inquire about the nearest post office within your state in Benin
Benin Postal Codes/Zip Codes Finder
  • Contact the post office to request your postal codes designation
  • Try Address Doctor if it can help: Address Doctor
  • Based on UPU (Universal Postal Union): There is no postal codes/zip codes used in Benin
Popular International Courier Service Available in Benin

Popular SCAM tricks in Benin Fraudsters are utilizing the name of popular courier service like DHL, UPS, Fedex to tricked people into sending money to them. Read about others stories
Email scam is the number 1 tool used by fraudsters from the African countries especially in Benin. Most of  the scam reports and frauds are coming from this country and it is closely related to the courier service.

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