Friday, April 23, 2010

Shipping Scenario - Fraud Credit Card or Paypal Purchase

Fraudulent credit card purchases of Goods/item is not uncommon and in fact it happens almost everyday. The reason for this is simple because the credit cards information details were stolen from the data of legitimate shopping websites. In my personal experience i would categorize Vietnam is the number one users of stolen credit cards. 99% purchases online that uses credit cards or Paypal verified with stolen credit cards are from this country and they have made few purchases from my site eventually having all the money reverse or charge-backs by the credit cards and Paypal owners.

As experience grows many website owners or online shopping site are becoming more aware of this and they refuse to send item purchase using Paypal or credit cards that is intended to be sent to Vietnam. In fact the country is put on their blacklist database including blocking Vietnam IP address and ignore any purchases of goods that is to be shipped to Vietnam.

Despite of all those measures, the fraudulent credit cards users still be able to make purchase and have the item delivered to them using the following tricks.
  1. First of all credit cards or Paypal accounts are not belong to them, but people from other countries like the US, Europe, or somewhere else. This automatically avoid them from detection because the information details of the Credit Cards and PayPal does not show if it is not in their blacklisted list.
  2. Secondly using sockets/proxy connection allow the fraud to bypass IP address blocking. By using that they can simply have any IP address depending on the socket/proxy used.
  3. Thirdly (the most important trick) - The fraudulent buyer will use exact home address, street, zip codes but different destination country for shipment. The trick is by doing so the courier service company still know the exact destination where it should be shipped out, but it only will be discovered after it reaches the first destination country as stated by the fraudulent buyer. For example he/she put Hong Kong, the courier will send over to that exact destination. After it has reached Hong Kong they discover the exact home address is actually in Vietnam. Therefore it will be redirect to Vietnam and it will reach the exact receiver as stated on the home address.
This is a real scenario that all eBay sellers or any other auctioneers should be aware of. Do not overlook into the current prevention system, because scammers have evolve to a higher level compare to before.

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