Thursday, March 4, 2010

What Equipments do you need to prepare package or parcel for shipment.

Sometimes it can be difficult to figure out what exactly things do you need to prepare for package or parcel for shipment especially when you never send anything by courier service or post office before. This is important because if you don't seal and pack the item properly it can be damaged when it reaches destination. If you are just starting to do your online business this can be useful tips for you.

1. Scissors
2. Sellotape - You need few different type of sellotape.
3. Carton Egg Tray - to provide cushion for fragile / breakable item
4. Paper - To make your label i.e. sender / receiver information
5. Staple - Different staple has different function. So get what you need for example small stapler to staple small things or bigger one for boxes.
6. Packing Rope - In case you need to tie and tighten the package or the item to prevent it from shaking.
7. Self Seal plastic bag - Good for small and tiny items to keep it safe in one place
8. Bubble Wrap - To wrap fragile item and keep it safe from damage or broken
9. Shredded Paper - Don't throw away your shredded paper instead use it to provide cushion for fragile item
10. Newspaper - Good for fragile item
11. Crumpled Paper - To provide cushion in the package for fragile item
12. Styrofoam (peanuts, balls, bars, etc) - Highly recommended for electronic product shipment also can be use for general items which is very fragile.
13. Boxes
14. Envelopes (Large, Small, Medium) all might be needed
15. Glue
16. Color Wrapping Paper - To make fancy box wrapping for gifts item
17. Pen Knife - Use to cut thicker boxes or anything that is difficult to do using scissors. I prefer to carry Swiss army because it has many function for this.

In some cases you might not have envelope at home but you have computer & printer then you can simply make your own envelope using Microsoft Words program. There are ready made design for envelope which you can easily print out and fold it according to the line to produce you own envelope.

The above are some sample envelope layout print which you can print it yourself and fold according to the line. You can find more design from the Microsoft Word free add-ons or design it yourself using Photoshop or Corel Draw.

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Dianne Grover said...

The information that you have provided in this post are very helpful especially to firs time movers. In this way, they know the right kind of moving boxes kits and packing materials to buy when they pack. Thanks!

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