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Track Package Belgium Post Office - De Post


Name of Belgium Post Office Die Post (Deutch), La Poste (French), De Post (Dutch) or The Post (English). Belgium post office online represented by 3 main languages which are the French, Deutch (German), and Dutch (Netherlands) the three spoken language in Belgium. English only minor part of the website
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DiePost Website Online DiePost
Die Post Online Tracking Page

Which couriers or Post Office Delivery services that can be tracked on Belgium Post Office online? This applies to local delivery services and also International parcels (inbound/outbound) delivery
  • United Postal Service (USPS)
  • EMS (Express Mail Service)
  • Hong Kong Post
  • All international post office inbound shipments
  • Track-able domestics deliveries
Belgium Post Office Offline Tracking Need information call: Call 022 011111
Find Belgium's Postal Codes/Zip Codes Post Codes: Post Codes Finder
Parcels/Packages Tracking Information
  • Tracking information for domestic delivery will appear within 3-5 days after the delivery period
  • International delivery will takes at least 3 to 4 weeks before it appears on the tracking page depending on the destination country and speed of the service to arrive. It only appears when the parcels has arrived to the destination country and their respective post office has store the package information into their tracking database
Belgium Die Post Package Shipment Lost Alerts
  • Tracking information for domestic delivery will appear within 3-5 days after the delivery period
  • It is normal occasionally a package/parcels that is expected to be received or being delivered exceeded the stated arrival period. In order to confirm about this contact Belgium post office for information. Present them your tracking number and details
  • International delivery period that exceeded more than one month up to three month is abnormal but it is possible it will arrive unexpectedly sometimes later. Just call Die Post customer service for more information
  • International delivery exceeded three months is considered lost. Call post office for compensation or contact the senders how to settle the problem

Belgium Postal Rates
  • National Delivery for Letters: Letters Tarrife 
  • International Delivery for Letters: International Letters Tarrife 
  • Package or Parcels Rates within Belgium (Rates are different depending on delivery service used - EuroSprinters, TaxiPost 24, TaxiPost Secur, TaxiPost Paypack: Within Belgium
  • International Delivery (Contact Die Post for more information): Package Abroad
International Courier Services available in Belgium
Belgium Post Office Tracking Case
  • Item delivered by Hong Kong Post Registered Airmail service. After 50 days later the item tracking information still not available in Belgium Post office. - Note that Hong Kong Post Registered Airmail service can take up to 7 weeks or 45 days to arrive. This is only the standard time not including unexpected delays which could take up from 1 to 3 months arrival period. After 3 months later the parcel is very likely lost or return to sender
  • Belgium is very famous for its long queue, even simple things can get long time to wait. Read what the people say about Belgium bad bureaucracy practices. Bad Bureaucracy in Belgium Queuing up in Belgium is become a common practices where especially places like Post Office, Banks, ATM machine, etc. Just be aware of this when visiting Belgium
  • Little differences in languages and the way to spell address, names, etc can create big frustration when the Post Office unable to deliver the item or return it back to the sender: Die Post Complaints and Criticism 


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Can you please add EAST TIMOR to your list of sovereign countries with independent postal services

The postal service is known as: Timor-Leste Correio

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