Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sending package, parcels, mail to the wrong address - check address correctly

If you are buying products or expecting someone sending you a package, parcels, or mail do not take it for granted or lightly without double checking the address information. Especially when the item is very important to you, and you don't want it to be undelivered, lost, or going to the wrong destination. The amount of time to recover it is extremely frustrating as it may takes weeks or even month and the worse case it cannot be recovered anymore. Therefore double check with the sender that you have given them the correct address.
  1. Check the overall address to make sure nothing is missing including home number, street, zip code/postal code, PO Box, city, state, country
  2. Check spelling and missing words that might confused the sender. Tell them clearly and double check
  3. If you are not sure about your complete address - look for the past mails, parcel, package that was previously sent to you. This will make sure you have done it before and the address is correct. Experience is the best lesson.
I have experience before that many customers did not given the correct address or country name and the item never arrived to their destination due to the wrong address. The package eventually end up lost, return to sender, or delivered to someone else. Then the receiver just blame the sender for everything when obviously that is his/her own fault for giving incomplete or wrong address information.

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