Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Package Shipment - Unknown Extra Charges

It is not uncommon when the courier which is sending your package request extra charges out of nowhere and will not deliver the package to the receiver if you don't pay them the extra money. You must be wondering why suddenly you have to pay extra charges when they never informed you about it earlier. Well there are some possible reasons why they do that.
  • Unexpected customs charges, excise duty, import duty, etc. - The courier company cannot anticipate this because each country has their own customs (export/import) regulations. So in order to make it through the courier has to pay the charges and later claim it from you. Just to make sure this is not a trick to cheat your money, request the courier company to scan the delivery documents and send it to you. There will be stated what is the extra charges for.
  • Sometimes courier company is also trying to make extra money by putting some unspecified reasons. This is normal because they know better in the business as they have all the experience of doing it.
So next time when you are requested to pay extra charges, just know that this happen for the above reasons. 

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