Sunday, February 28, 2010

How your package (parcels) got be lost or stolen in shipment?

You might wonder how and why your package (parcels) got lost in shipment? So i am going to discuss some possible culprits
  • Scam - You are purchasing products from scammer who convinced you that they have ship the item but in reality they never send it. They will give you plenty of reasons and provide fake proof of shipment. However this is easy to detect by using traceable shipment. Just key in your tracking number in their respective (i.e. Fedex, DHL, UPS, TNT, EMS) track & trace site you will see the truth whether it is really there or not.  
  • Post Office Officer - Dishonest post office officer always have plenty of ideas how to steal your package without getting caught. This habit developed from their experiences in handling package shipment in their everyday life. 
  • Customs Officer - Dishonest customs officer can easily tell the courier that the package will be confiscated due to some reasons. But in reality they took it for themselves. You need export/import book for reference about this so that you don't be fooled easily by dishonest officers.
  • Third party transport service - Sometimes courier service does not provide all kind of facilities in every place in every country. So they might outsource third party transportation and facilities to handle the delivery especially to remote area where access is difficult. As a consequences third party worker can steal the item. In this case you can request the courier to specifically deliver your item to their branch so that you can collect it yourself. 
  • There are other circumstances that i might missed out but the above are most common.

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