Sunday, November 8, 2009

Non Trackable Air Mail Shipping

How to track non-trackable shipping service?

I have purchase twice an item from the USA and send to me here in Malaysia. One is from the Niteize flashlight and another is from eBay. Since the item is very small parts, they send it using non-trackable USPS Airmail delivery service. The shipping fees is very cheap of course for item less than 100 gram which is around $3 USD.

So how did i track the package movement activities? well i don't have to because it already says that it is non-trackable so there is no tracking information available updated online. After about 3 weeks later it arrive to my address just like that.

However if you are curious and insist want to know about your package movement. You can do so by contacting Pos Malaysia in 3 weeks after the package was delivered to you. It is because the item where about will not be known until it is reach Pos Malaysia office.

I assume that this apply to any other country whoever expecting incoming non-trackable shipment.

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