Friday, May 1, 2009

La Poste Andorra Post Office - Track Package (French)

Andorra Post Office Tracking Package Online:
  • Post Office Online: La Poste - La Poste
  • Delivery Time: 2-5 days for national destination (within andorra only) or 15 to 30 days for international destination (incoming or outgoing package). Abnormal delivery time for incoming or outgoing package will take at least 3 months.
  • Tracking Information: Tracking package information usually appear only when the expected delivery time is expiring 15 to 30 days (normal delivery time) or 3 months for abnormal delivery time. This is because the post office personnel only can update the information when the package is already arriving in their country.
  • Suspected Lost Package: When the your package delivery time exceeded the expected arrival time and still there is no tracking information about it. Contact directly your sender of the package to check with their local post which send the package. At the same time contact your own local post office Andorra (La Poste) for updated information if they have the package with them. Upon contacting them present your tracking number given to you by the sender (Sender post office tracking number)
  • Translation: Andorra post online is using French so if you need to translate into English use Google Translate cut and paste the link ( on the translation box.
  • Trackable tracking codes: Air Mail, Speed Post, USPS, Local Post Office Foreign & Local all are possible to track.
Always have contact with your sender and your local post office when tracking package. In case of losses you will need both parties to track down and obtain better information about your package whereabouts. If it is confirm lost then request sender to replace the package for you but if they refuse then make it the last time you buy from them.

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