Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Greece Hellenic Post - Track Package

Greece post office is called Hellenic post and it has just recently added the track & trace features on it's online website here: Track & Trace. This is certainly very helpful for people who expecting their packages from overseas which are being sent by local post, air mail, speed post, or USPS postal service.

How to use it is simple just copy and past the tracking number into the track & trace box and click submit. The tracking information will appear if your package already arrived in Greece. If it is not yet arrived it will not show up. The estimated delivery time for normal post office is around 21 days up to 1 month. Or abnormal situation can go up to 3 months.

In case you have not heard any news about your package then you can contact your post office directly and present them your tracking number to ask for information:

Contact information for customer service
by phone at: 8001182000
by Email at: information@elta-net.gr
ATHENS, 10188

You can use also their contact form here: http://english.elta.gr/index.asp


Rookie said...

Ελληνικά Ταχυδρομεία - Hellenic Post

Rookie said...

What tracking number can you track on the website:
b. Air Mail (Hong Kong Post)
c. Local Post Office (from foreign countries)
d. Speedpost

Rookie said...

How to search postal code (Zip Code) of your address area in Greece. You can use the Hellenic post office postal code search feature.

Greece Postal Code Search

How to search local post office box in Greece. You can use Hellenic post online P.O.Box search locator. It will show you by municipality of the city

Post Office Branch Locator

How to search post office branch in Greece municipal cities. You can use hellenic post local post office branch locator. If you are traveling around Greece and in need of local postal service this is a great information you can use.

Greece Local Post Office Branches

Rookie said...

Greece information useful for touring or reference for the country's business directory and related premises in the country. Use Greece Yellow Page directory.

Greece Yellow Pages

For Greek people you can advertise your business website for free on the Directory. Or you can choose paid listing for better exposure.

Search: Tourist places, business places, services, etc.

Rookie said...

Useful Telephone Numbers when you are in Greece.

1. EMERGENCIES Phones Number (Contact number) in Greece - If you are in need in case of Emergencies;
- Marine Police Immediate intervention - Call 108
- Immediate social help - call 197
- Counter Terrorism agency - call 1014
- Police Immediate Response - call 100
- Police departments, tel. call centre - call 1033
- Forest Agency - call 191
- E.L.P.A - call 10400
- Emergency Hospital, Pharmacies - call 14944
- Poisoning Center - call 210 7793777
- EKAB first aid - call 166
- Fire Brigades - call 199
- First aid station of IKA - call 199
- Tourist police - call 171
- Athens traffic police - call 210 5284000
- Attiki Odos traffic police - call 210 6686300
- Drug enforcement agency - call 109
- European Emergency Number - 112

jomaysgifthampers said...

Excellent - I was able to track a parcel sent from Australia using the number on the Customs Declaration form

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