Saturday, January 3, 2009

Where to track package send by air mail or air parcel

You would want to use Air Mail or Air Parcel service which usually provided by your national courier post office. This is of course because it is low cost service and you are willing to wait for the long-time delivery which may take 14-30 days.

However many got anxious and worried after 30 days later they have not received their package. Where could it be or where does the air mail courier service drop your package?. I have come across to many people's experiences feeling lost and panic when it comes to receiving their package send by Air Mail or Air Parcel service.

So the answer is simply they usually drop it on your national post office. For example Malaysia PosLaju, Venezuela (Ipostel), USA (USPS), India (IndiaPost), etc. What you can do is after 30 days later try to your national post office service online and put the tracking number given to you. Then you should be able to track it. Second option if there is no website available for your national post office tracking then you should contact them directly by phone and present your tracking number to them.

If both options still cannot track your package then you should starting to be worried because there is high posibility that your package is lost in shipment. Your next solution is contact the sender of the package and request them to open inquiry regarding your package shipment from the courier which responsible in sending the package. This is only if they are responsible enough to help you to locate your package.

Advice: Always look for good customer service company to buy from as it will ease your frustration.

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