Monday, January 5, 2009

Translation Websites

Searching information online can be difficult since we all cannot master every language on the planet. So just in case you need help to translate any websites or tracking website that you don't know how to read like Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, or even English. Just use the following FREE translator dictionary online.

1. Windows Live Translator - Not so effect but good above average translation offer by Windows Live.
2. Google Translator - As always done! Google provide the best highly accurate translation. It translate words and also the entire website.
3. Babel Fish - Yahoo Translation Service online
4. SDL Free Translation - Free Translation
5. WorldLingo - World Lingo Translator
6. ParaLink - Free Translation by Paralink but limited capacity of words to place in the translation box

There is one incident that one day we need to call customer from Spain. And unfortunately he is not speaking English at all. So my colleague just use the online translator to communicate with him slowly. It works wonderfully well. This is not an easy job actually as you need to guide the customer according to your will so that he follow carefully your instruction.

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