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How to track package send by USPS?

Tracking your package that is send by United States Postal Service (USPS) within the US itself probably easy cause you can simply go to USPS website and track it. However international delivery by USPS is different you cannot wholly depend on the USPS tracking site to track your package.

So how to do it is simply track it on your national post office website tracking page for example:

1. Russia - Russian Post
2. India - India Post
3. Netherland - Netherland Post
4. UK England - Royal Mail
5. Australia - Australia Post
6. Romania - Posta Romana

As for those country whose post office are not yet having tracking facility online usually you have to track it by calling your post office upon the estimated arrival time. For example if delivery to Burundi, Ethiopia, Botswana, etc is taking around 2-3 weeks. Then you should make follow up on your post office after 2-3 weeks later.


Rookie said...

Bahrain post office tracking.

Bahrain actually does not provide tracking package features on its website. The Kingdom only provide you contact number to call. So when your package from foreign or international country is send using registered Air Mail or Parcel. You have to follow up with your local post office upon the expected delivery period i.e. 21 or 30 days later. Contact information of Bahrain post office can be found on the Ministry of Transportation Kingdom of Bahrain website.

Bahrain Post Ministry of Transportation Kingdom of Bahrain

Rookie said...

Vietnam post office does not provide mail package tracking feature on its online website. However you can always call the post office to inquire about your package that is delivered from Foreign or International origin. Contact information can be found here.

Vietnam Post Office Information

Usually information about your package can only be known when the expected time arrival is already expired i.e. 21 to 30 days

Rookie said...

USPS does not have a post office in Malaysia because it is only belong to the USA. What you can do to track USPS package in Malaysia is simply go to pos Malaysia website.

# e-Parcel
# Pos Ekspres - Express post
# PosDaftar - Registered post
# PosLaju - Speed post
# Pospriority Express - Priority Express

And select which option was the USPS delivered your package from USA and track it.

Pos Malaysia Track Package

Rookie said...

Track USPS in Russia: Simply go to Russian post office online here

Russian Post Track Package

Put USPS tracking number in the Postal ID number box and click search. The tracking information will usually appear after the expected delivered time has expired i.e. 3 to 4 weeks for USPS international delivery.

Rookie said...

Air Mail tracking page in Romania post office can be trace on Posta Romana online.

Posta Romana Track Package

Rookie said...

Air Mail Tracking number can be track from USA using USPS tracking site.

USPS Track & Confirm

Tracking information can only appear after the expected arrival period has expired usually within 21 to 30 days or more.

Rookie said...

How to track a air parcel in Philippine post office. Philpost does not provide track package feature on its website. However you can always follow up your package with the post office by contacting them directly.

Philpost Contact Info

Usually information about your package can be obtain after the expected arrival time has expired for example 21 to 30 days later.

Rookie said...

Greece post office tracking is using hellenic post office. However they don't provide online tracking features. What you can do is to call directly the post office after the expected time arrival is expired.

Hellenic Post - Hellenic Post

Rookie said...

Track your package in korea post office. Very good website user friend you can track package on it's website here:

Korea Post

Great Korea post office

Rookie said...

Track your package on India Post office online. Good post office online website.

India Post

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