Saturday, December 13, 2008

Tracking Number Codes - Which Courier?

Some people got feeling lost because irresponsible seller sold the items to them don't even bother to tell what courier did they use to send their packages. Or this also can happen when the seller is using a courier service that use another third party courier service to send the package for example EMS may use TNT courier service to send package to certain country. This problem can caused confusion for both the seller and customer end up don't know how to track their package because they did not know what was the courier use to send the package.

So below is example of the common tracking number for courier services. Each of them has unique tracking code to use to check on their website to track the parcel movement.

Tracking Codes Type:

Dalsey, Hillblom and Lynn (DHL): Numerical Only
Federal Express (Fedex): Numerical Only
United Parcel Service (UPS): Numeric & Alphabet combination. Example 1z68w1w9044178000 or HXXXXX
United State Parcel Service (USPS): ECxxxxxxxxxUS (x is numerical value)
TNT: ECNxxxxxxxxCN (X represent numerical value)
EMS: EBxxxxxxxxMY (X represent numerical value)

Registered Air Mail or Registered Air Parcel Service may use common tracking code that begin with letter R. For example;

1. RRxxxxxxxxMY (x is numerical value)
2. RAxxxxxxxxHK (x is numerical value)

Tracking your parcel for registered Air mail or air parcel usually can be trace on your local post office website or may contact directly your post office by phone.

Local post office will have their own unique tracking number and i cannot list all of them down here because there are thousands of them.

Track your package simultaneously with multiple tracking:
  1. SDS WorldWide - Track multiple tracking number with different couriers
  2. ShipitSmarter - Track multiple courier

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