Tuesday, December 16, 2008

How to use TNT tracking number or codes?

Some people might might not know how to use the tracking code provided by the TNT courier service. This is because TNT is the only unique courier that use some strange method to track package. Unlike most of other courier service such as UPS, Fedex, or DHL using the complete character set given to track your package.

In TNT tracking case you cannot use all the character set but only the 9 numerical values that slip between the alphabetical character for example;

EC123456789MY. In this code you just use the numerical values which is 123456789 to put in the tracking box to get your tracking information. If you put all the the character including alphabet it will not work and sorry no information for you.

I know this little little things can make your life difficult especially when you are in rush and overlook all the instruction or not notice where the instructions are. Anyway this is not your fault but it is just that things are getting difficult everyday as we evolve. TNT is one unique courier that evolve slightly different in their ways of package tracking.

Hope this will help those who are feeling lost.

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Rajasekar KL said...

thanks for your information. after 4 days of search with their tracking number finally found the solution from your blog. thanks once again for the information.

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