Saturday, December 27, 2008

Common Shipping Problems

As far as world wide shipping activities is concerned don't be surprise if you encounter such of the following situation.

1. Package or Mail Lost / Missing
2. Extended Delay - Courier problems
3. Customs problems - Delay Inspection, Detained for banned items, Taxes, Duties, Missing item (stolen by customs officer)
4. Package received in bad condition
5. Wrong person receiving your package

The above common problems can only be solved if you purchased items from trusted person or online companies who are willing to take responsibility to correct your situation. And unfortunately not many can do this.

There is not much you can do if you are having in the above situation. No matter how mad you are the very least you can do is.

1. Contact your sellers who are responsible in sending the goods to you to handle the situation
2. Contact courier service which send the package - request for information to get compensation claim and send it to sellers.
3. Wait patiently - rather than wasting time to show your anger

Only responsible sellers can ease your frustration by refund your money or sending you new package if is lost. All these problems happens everyday 24 hours as long as there are people buying things online and you cannot change the fact.

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Rookie said...

Tracking India Post office:
Registered air Mail, Air parcel, or Post Office delivery that is sent from foreign or international country to India can be tracked on Indian online post office.

Track Package

The tracking information can be found only after the expected arrival time i.e. 21 to 30 days.

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