China Registered Air Mail Delivery Time

Business Days (Not Include Holidays, Weekend)

China Registered Air Mail Delivery Time

Country Estimated Delivery Time
United States

16 to 23 Days
United Kingdom 10 to 20 Days
Australia 10 to 20 Days
Ireland 10 to 20 Days
France 14 to 20 Days
Netherland 14 to 20 Days
Germany 10 to 23 Days
Israel 10 to 23 Days
Russia 10 to 30 days
Canada 12 to 23 Days
Portugal 12 to 23 Days
Spain 10 to 23 Days
Greece 10 to 23 Days
Finland 10 to 23 Days
Italy 14 to 22 Days
Brazil 14 to 22 Days
Others 14 to 30 Days

About missing package/loss parcel ship from China:

Missing parcels or loss packets are common and it happens every single day to different individuals shipping item from China using China post. It can be free shipping (small packet airmail), registered mail, China post EMS, or ePacket.

Locations and Reasons for loss package:

Before shipment (Shipper Country) - The least likely to happen is a package missing before it is even shipped - but it happens occasionally and the most common reason for this is due to mishandling of the parcels by the shipper's post office personnel. Or worst it's a scam by the sellers themselves by not sending the item after the payment is made - this kind of scam usually involved big money purchased because it's worth the risk and rewards.

During shipment (Transit) - Customs clearance is the most common place consignment usually might get lost, where it might be confiscated for some ridiculous reasons or theft. Africa, South America, and eastern Europe are most famous for this kind of problems.

Delivery to recipients - Package loss during delivery to the recipients is the responsibility of the local postal service delivery personnel. It can happen due to negligence such as delivery of the parcel outside the house when nobody at home to take it. Sometimes the packet is missing due to theft by irresponsible postal service \ courier personnel - with all the experience and trickery they learn over the years especially the non-trackable free shipping delivery which can be done easily because there is no tracking information.

What is the least you can do when package loss?

If you are the shipper, you can bring the original receipt and ask China Post to file an investigation. If China Post investigation shows the parcel is lost, the shipper can get some compensation from China Post. You can take advantage of this by pushing the shipper to do the claim.

If you are a receiver, you can not do anything with China Post. The only thing you can do is to open a dispute to PayPal/express/amazon to claim a refund from the seller. Let seller to deal with China Post.

Delay shipment package/parcel from China Post/Hongkong Post

One common problem when purchasing goods over the internet from China like eBay, Amazon, AlieExpress, DHGate, etc is the delay in shipment. It can be ranging from few days to 1 week or 2 - and that will certainly raise questions why is the parcel is not yet shipped out?

The answer to this is in most cases - the Chinese sellers don't have the physical stocks of the item but rather they just advertise them online. Only when somebody buying the products then they will go to the distributor or shops to get the item and ship them. So this is where the delay will take place - in the process of getting the physical items from distributors there are many possibilities happens in between just like how we are going to the supermarket buying groceries.

In worst cases, the distributors themselves don't have the item and get from another that will add up to more time and the delays getting longer which sometimes take weeks to process. So to reduce the hassle ask the seller if they have ready stocks before purchasing the goods.

Another type of delay is customs clearance for example in Shenzhen - where the most complaints from buyers their packages are stuck in the customs clearance. This happens usually during the public holidays season in China where there are lots and lots of packages to be processed. In this case, the customs department probably lack the number of personnel to process the parcels. In addition, they will go off duty during the holiday seasons.

So look at Chinese public holidays before purchasing anything online otherwise you will end up waiting and it will be very frustrating.

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