Saturday, August 11, 2018

Shopee ABX delivery time from china to Kuching Sarawak Malaysia

After some experience from online shopping - shipping their items via the ABX courier service is not so bad so far. The first item was ordered from China on the 23 Jul 2018 - once the item arrived in Malaysia the shipment responsibility is taken over by ABX courier service and they delivered it on the 06 Aug 2018 which took about 2 weeks or a little bit more. The delivery time is quite reasonable and they send the item in good condition without any damage.

The second purchased was on the 30 Jul 2018 which is also shipped from China - and delivered to me in Kuching Sarawak Malaysia on the 09 Aug 2017 which is about more than 1 week delivery time. That is quite fast despite delivering from an international location.

So far the ABX doing great job delivery quite fast and on time. Good service

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