Monday, September 4, 2017

USPS deliver parcel / package to neighbors or leave it outside the house

Very often the case when no body at home picking up the parcels from the USPS delivery man - they will just give it to neighbors or leave the parcel outside the house. And of course sometimes the item got stolen leaving the recipients frustrated but some others will receive it anyway. Helpful neighbors will leave the package in the mail box with a note - but not everybody are the same.

The reason why USPS usually doing that is because they cannot afford to send it another round as there are so many parcels at hands to be delivered in schedule. Second round trip is not worth as it is maybe too far to deliver - in most cases the USPS will do re-delivery but tired and angry postman will just leave it or give it to the neighbor instead.

This things happen many times and it will happen again in the future. Like this package the USPS just gave it to the neighbor to signed on the recipient's behalf fortunately he is honest enough to leave the package inside the receiver's mailbox with a notice the package is belong to the recipients.

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