Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Lost Parcel from China post registered mail / parcel to Australia

This is an item that has been so long in shipment but is yet to arrived in Australia - it was shipped on the 18 May 2017 and leaving Beijing Airport on the 25 May 2017 and by then there is no traces of the item anywhere. It should be trackable on Australia Post tracking system already as it is now already August 2017. This item the recipient could contact the sender and claim for lost item or refund if necessary.

China Post Register Air Mail Tracking System

Parcel No.RM830387112CN tracking result

2017-05-18 09:38:37.0 中邮沈阳仓 received
2017-05-18 13:28:24.0 中邮沈阳仓 customs scan
2017-05-18 13:29:53.0 leaving 中邮沈阳仓 ,next station 沈阳center
2017-05-18 14:30:45.0 沈阳Transit Station export security scan
2017-05-18 14:37:42.0 沈阳Transit Station export customs scan (domestic transit )
2017-05-21 14:18:51.0 Beijing Transit Station export security scan
2017-05-22 15:05:02.0 Beijing Transit Station export customs cleared
2017-05-22 22:59:00.0 arrive Beijing Airport
2017-05-23 02:54:30.0 leaving Beijing Airport going to next airport/seaport

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