Sunday, August 13, 2017

Canada post domestic delivery from MISSISSAUGA to RICHMOND HILL

Item shipped / posted from MISSISSAUGA via Canada post Expedited parcels on the 15 Jun 2017 and delivered / arrived to RICHMOND HILL on the 19 Jun 2017 - which took around 4 days delivery time for domestic delivery. Quite reasonable for domestic delivery standard - below is the tracking info from Canada post.

Delivery status: delivered

Tracking Number 7308755008924633

A fully green Delivered bar indicates your item has been successfully delivered.
Date received
2017/06/15 2017/06/19
Delivery details

ServiceExpedited Parcels
Expected delivery What is this2017/06/19
Reference Number 1 00000999990009754385
Delivery Standard Date What is this
Delivery Standard Date
Delivery Standard: 2017/06/19

This is the most up-to-date information available.

Date Time Location What is this Close
Our shipping routes are based on the location of our facilities and the destination. For international items, we rely on the postal carriers in foreign countries to provide us with delivery information.
Description Retail Location Signatory Name
2017/06/19 15:03 RICHMOND HILL, ON Delivered
2017/06/19 12:00 RICHMOND HILL, ON Item out for delivery What is this
2017/06/19 06:01 RICHMOND HILL, ON Item processed What is this
2017/06/16 06:09 MISSISSAUGA, ON Item processed
2017/06/15 22:50 MISSISSAUGA, ON Shipment picked up by Canada Post What is this
2017/06/15 Electronic information submitted by shipper What is this

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