Tuesday, May 16, 2017

What does Parcelforce tracking status "ADVISED" means?

You might encounter this case if the item is shipped from internation foreign countries (China, USA, Europe, etc) using registered mail or EMS (Express Mail Service). The status "Advised" have various meanings as follows.

1. The tracking information has been passed to ParcelForce so it has appear in their system but there is not yet any information about the arrival of the package / parcels in the UK.

2. "Advised" also can possibly mean when the package is in customs clearance process

3. Another meaning could be the parcel is being sorted out in the distribution hub.

4. It can also mean the item has been delivered to the intended address but no one at home to received the item and being return to the post office. Or It indicate the item still in transit although the info already given to Parcelforce but the item not yet physically in their possesion.

5. Parcelforce meaning of "Advised" - As soon as we have the details about a parcel being sent on our systems the tracking results will state ‘Advised’. As soon as the item enters our network it will get a tracking scan and the Advised status will change to ‘In progress’. Source Parcelforce. This mean sometimes the sender couriers have sent the tracking info first to Parcelforce but the package not yet arrived to Parcelforce. Once it is arrived and registered in Parcelforce system then the status will change to "In Progres".

The status "Advised" could sometimes takes several days so you don't have to worry unless it takes like 2 weeks.

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