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Timor Leste Post Office Tracking - Correios De Timor Leste

Timor Leste postal (Correios De Timor Leste) service is a department under the government agency. As a newly founded country the postal service facility is still at its very basic structure. There is no online tracking or official website dedicated for the Correios. However the contact information still can be found on social media (Facebook)

Correios De Timor Leste (CTL)

Website: Facebook
Address: Av. Bispo de Madeiros No. 15, Kintal Ki'ik Dili - Timor Leste PO BOX 10000
Telp: +670 3331424 / 3321979
Telp : +670 3331424 +670 3331424 / 3321979 / 3310292
Email :
FAX : +670 3310467
Web :

Information from UPU

CTL – Correios de Timor-Leste
Av. Presidente Nicolau Lobato 2

Tel: (+ 670) 333 93 41
Fax: (+ 670) 331 04 67

Track & Trace

Online Tracking: Not Available
Offline tracking is available by directly contacting the post office or the nearest branch of post offices and present them the tracking number for the officers to track in the post office database. Incoming international (Parcels, Mails, Consignment, Packages) can only be tracked when the items arrived in Timor Leste and it's tracking info has been stored in the post office database.

In the event the item not yet arrive in Timor Leste it can always be tracked from the sender's post office tracking site.

1. Domestic Delivery
2. International Delivery

Most of private 3rd party courier services are available in Timor Leste. If the intended package require tracking and much safer delivery it is better to use the 3rd Party courier services as they have extensive facility like online tracking as well as faster delivery for international shipment

UPS Timor Leste Contact Information

JVK-Naga Movers (ET) Ltd.
Timor Leste
Tel.: 670 723 5784
Tel.: 670 723 5785
Fax: 670 331 2741

DHL Timor Leste Dili

DHL Express - Dili
Timor Air Services
Estrada Balide
Colmera Plaza

Telephone: +670 331 1567
Opening Hours
Mon-Fri: 08:30-17:30
Sat: 08:30-12:00
Sun: Closed
Holidays: Closed
Please note that you will need a DHL tracking number for your shipment which can be obtained by contacting our customer services.

TNT Express Timor Leste Dili

Location: Rua Beto Leste, Comoro, Dili,Timor - Leste
Category : Custom Clearance
Services & Specialties: Specialized in personal Effects and Household goods transportation for door to door or door to port worldwide, - Import & Export Custom Cleareance.
The Worldwide Movers.
Phone: (+670)7747 0230 / 7789 4146
Email: /

Experience shipping to Timor Leste: 

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