Friday, August 19, 2016

Unregistered Post (Mail) from China Post (GuangZhou) delivery time to Kuching Sarawak

My first experience using unregistered (non-registered) mail from China Post when buying item from After more 1 month 2 days it has finally arrived to Kuching, Sarawak which exceed more than 2 weeks from the stated delivery time by 17 to 21 days. I understand this is normal for unregistered postal because i have experienced it before when working at the local online company here in Kuching.

Despite of this - i don't feel it's safe to buy things from online shopping site that is using unregistered mail to send it. Although it's free shipping but the risk of the item to get lost is very high. As it is not only slower than the stated delivery time but also it's non-trackable service. If it get lost or undelivered there is no evidence and I am not sure if going to believe it we tell them the item never arrived and they can simply ignore a refund.

So if you are thinking of purchasing pricey items its worth to use registered postal simply because it's trackable. In this case i just purchased cheap item like $3 USD stuff and feeling very fortunate it has arrived.

See the item ordered on 16 Jul 2016 and arrived at the destination country 21 Jul 2016

The actual delivery to Kuching on the 20 August 2016 which is way too far off the 17-21 days delivery time stated in for free shipping item. It's not very promising future.

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