Friday, April 17, 2015

Hong Kong Post non-registered air mail (no tracking) delivery time!

After a long month of waiting and in fact i am no longer have the feeling the item that i've purchased a couple of months ago will arrive. But to my surprise i just received today after nearly 4 months later? wow! It's an amazing feeling to receive the item but that's also taught me a lesson learned not to use this service ever again. The item was sent on 6 Jan 2015 and now it is only received on the 18 April 2015 today (Sarawak, Malaysia). I was expecting it should arrived within 1 month or 2 but that was longer than i thought. Fortunately the item value is not so expensive and i am lucky to receive it today although there is a missing item from the package but it's better than losing everything that I've paid for.

The un-registered air mail is non-trackable delivery service and there is no way we can trace the location of the item as it is being delivered from one location to another. When it is arrived the post officer will just leave it inside the post box or throw inside the house compound if there is no post box available. From this experience I've learned that the possibility for the package to get lost is very high and i will not know where or who took it. As for this item I've seen the battery pack is missing from the package so there must be someone opening and take it away. Well it doesn't really matter since it is not so important.

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