Saturday, September 25, 2010

Shipping from Malaysia to Syria using Fedex - Require Declaration Form

I have been through this trouble of sending a small parcel from Kuching, Sarawak (Malaysia) to Syria or Syrian Arab Republic using Fedex courier service. In the first place the Fedex agent officer did not inform me if i have to feel anything else other than the delivery slip (Air Way bill slip). However after 2 days i am still unable to track the parcel i become anxious fear that it might be lost by Fedex.

The Kuching Fedex agent also never inform me what happen to the parcel and why it still cannot be tracked online. So i decided to call them and ask what happen, until then they told me that i have to fill in the Syrian declaration form before they can process the delivery. This form only apply for Fedex shipment to Syria, and it concerning of US goods being export to Syria. The main question ask in the form is as follow.

Answer the following questions and complete the information below:
  1. Does the shipment contain any U.S. origin items (goods, technology or software)? ___ Yes* ___ No
  2. Do any items of non-U.S. manufacture in the shipment incorporate more than 10 percent U.S.origin content? ___ Yes* ___ No
So next time if you intend to send any parcels that contents US products to Syria using Fedex courier service. you just need to fill up this form. Otherwise you will have a lot of trouble.

Another problem of sending item to Syria is concerning the address format. Because Syria is an Arab's country it very difficult to translate the exact spelling to the Roman Alphabet. It can be different spelling as long as it sound the same. For example Al Jamiliah, Al Jmeliah, Al Jamalia is one same place, unless if you write in Arabic then it should be exact. If translated to English just need to be sound the same.

And Syria does not use Postal Code/Zip Code. Fedex depends on its agent in Syria and the phone number of the receiver to deliver the item successfully to the correct receiver. Just they make a call from their Syrian fedex agent to the parcel's receiver.

Anyway i hope we can learn a lesson here!!

Fedex Agents In Kuching:

Lot 1217 Ground Floor Block 12,
Jalan Muara Tabuan
Contact Phone: 082-365511

The building exact location is opposite iCats college on the other side of main road. If you drive along that road most of the time you can spot Fedex pick lorries parking around the office.

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