Friday, February 5, 2010

Buy Online - Using Paypal or Credit Cards for Safety Reasons!!

If you intend to purchase any items online it is advisable to use Paypal service (most recommended) or credit cards because you can request back the money if the item is not satisfactory or not as described on the websites. Paypal allow you to request money back within 45 days from the date of the payment, while credit cards varies depending on the bank the issued the cards some says its up to 3 months which is quite long.

In comparisons between the two still Paypal has the better advantage and convenient compare to credit cards because the work of doing it simply using little written explanation and procedures which can be done virtually online. Whereas credit cards will involve process of contacting the bank and presenting them proofs in order to make the request claims.

However by writing this article to inform the advantage of using Paypal or Credit Cards to purchase goods online, i do not personally condone or encourage people to commit fraud purchases because this is dangerous act that can put you in jail if you got caught of doing it on purpose.

Be good to people and the same will be return to you. If it is not now it will in another time.

How to use Paypal Service
  1. Open Paypal Account - HERE
  2. Verify your account using Bank Account (Country within Paypal Service Area) or Credit Cards (Country outside Paypal Service Area)
  3. Once verified you are ready to use
  4. As for people who does not allow to use Paypal due to country policy can request their friends from another country to pay the item and then they can pay them back using cash to the friend who own the Paypal.

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