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Track Package Armenia Post Office - Haypost


  1. Name of Post Office: Haypost Armenia
  2. Website: HayPost (English) or Haypost (Armenian)
  3. Track Package Online: Unavailable. You have to contact the post office directly to make inquiry about your incoming package (Contact Information - HERE
  4. Tracking Offline: You have to contact directly the post office itself if you have not hear any news about your incoming package for more than 1 month.
  5. Package Tracking information: It takes at least 3 weeks to 1 month for the package tracking information to appear for online tracking for international incoming delivery. It only appear when the post office has receive your package and key in the information into their database. National or local delivery (Within Armenia Only) will take approximately 3-5 days.
  6. Lost package shipment Alert: After one month (international incoming package) you have not obtain any information regarding your package. Contact Haypost post office directly to acquire information. Contact also your sender to ask his office which responsible to send the package about update information. This is important because your package might be lost in shipment or return to sender due to unknown circumstances.
  7. Delivery Time: 3-5 days for local delivery or 3 weeks to 1 month for international delivery. Abnormal delivery time can take up to 3 months, beyond this time period you can consider the package is lost and request for insurance compensation.
  8. Trackable information: Foreign Post Office Delivery, Air Mail, Speed Post, USPS, EMS (Track HERE)
  9. EMS Delivery duration vary from 1 week up to 3 weeks time.
HayPost Contact Information

Our Address: Yerevan, Saryan 22
Tel: 374(10) 514-514

Services Provided by Armenia Post Office:

* delivery of postal cards
* delivery of letters
* delivery of packets
* delivery of parcels
* large consignments of letter correspondence service
* additional services
* postal money transfers
* telegram money transfers

Armenia Online Payment Services:
China-Armenia Special International Postal Service:

If you are looking for a special business relation with China's suppliers you can use SFC (Send From China) postal service to Armenia. It says on the website the service is much faster and lower rates. Services provided by SFC includes:

  • Standard Postal Service
  • Registered Postal Service
  • More information about postal rates and services can be found on SCF (Send From China) website: HERE
  • Mostly trackable postal service.


Rookie said...

DHL Worldwide Express Representative in Armenia:

Address: Amiryan st.27, Yerevan, 0002
Phone: (374-10) 586688, (374-91) 45879 (Mobile); (374-322)22719 Branch Office in Vanadzor; (374-312) 32800 Branch Office in Gyumri
URL: DHL Armenia Representative HERE
Product or Service: Door to Door Cargo Delivery Service. Cargo Transportation by Air.

Rookie said...

Federal Express Service Armenia:

Address: Mashtots Ave.40, Yerevan, 0002
Phone: (374-10) 530029, 532059, 544277, 544988
FAX: (374-10) 544988
Product or Services: Door to Door Postal Service
Fedex Armenia Website: HERE

Rookie said...

UPS (United Postal Service) Representative in Armenia:

Contact Information

Express Hayk
Authorised Service Contractor for UPS
Erevan Center
1, Kievyana str.,
Erevan 0028
Tel.: 10-3741-027-30-90
Tel.: 10-3741-027-32-94
Fax: 10-3741-027-32-75

Website: Armenia UPS

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