Friday, March 20, 2009

Track Package Albania Post Office - Posta Sqiptare

Among the pysical post, Posta Shqiptare sh.a offers since 1990, the EMS service, as an economical service, fast and secure one. The express mail service works inbound and outbound by enabling the sending up to 30kg of postal items, documents and merchandise in 200 countries worldwide as well as around Albania, in a very short time.

Inbound Express services
Posta Shqiptare sh.a has a postal network of 531 postal offices and agents located all around Albania. The office of exchanging and sorting of EMS deliveries with a worldwide destination and all around Albania is Tirana. EMS service offers the distribution of items to their clients in Tirana in two hours within the day and in the next day for the rest of Albania till 10 o'clock.

The Express service EMS is performed for 'documents' and 'items' which can be called EMS items.

  • Albania Post Office: Posta Shqiptare (Posta Shqiptare)
  • URL: (English Version)
  • Tracking Page Online: Unavailable due to websites technical problems. Contact the post office directly by phone and present your tracking number to them. They will check your package status. If they have no records meaning the package has not yet arrive. Tracking information only available when the package already arrive to Albania.
  • Delivery Time: Local Delivery 3-5 days. International 15 to 30 days or abnormal time up to 3 months. Beyond 3 months is considered lost.
  • How to track down package lost Albania post office: Contact the sender of your package and contact Posta Sqiptare at the same time to check in their respective records. If none you should start to be worried.
  • Trackable packages: send by foreign post office, speedpost, airmail, registered mail, EMS, USPS (United States Postal Service), Hong Kong Airmail.
  • All local post office does not track packages send by major courier like UPS, DHL, or Fedex.
Contact Information:
Posta Shqiptare sh.a.
Rr. “Reshit Çollaku”, Nr. 4

Tel: ++ 355 4 22 58 828
Fax: ++ 355 4 22 59 770
Or visit: Contact Us page


Rookie said...

For more information on shipment tracking To and From Albania:

Directorate General of Post Albanian sh.a
Posta Shqiptare sh.a
Str. "Reshit Çollaku", Nr. 4

Tel: + + 355 4 22 58 828
Fax: + + 355 4 22 59 770

center national EMS service in Tirana Tel: + + 355 4 24 53 0

Rookie said...

Information for tracking shipments for other places apart from Tirana,

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